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The UK & Ireland Travelling Canvas Project

Presenting the UK's first travelling dots Mandala...

The final collaborative piece framed in all it's glory!

The UK & Ireland Travelling Canvas! This was a collaborative piece of artwork just for fun, with some fellow dot artists that we started at the end of 2021.

We chose a colour palette of our flags of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. An idea originally put forward by Mandie Harris.

“It might be nice to fit in the UK and Irish colours of red, white, blue, green and gold, colours from all our nations flags”

It was decided that a 10x10" canvas board, prepped with some black Gesso which Lily Rose Fox kindly organised as the starting point and was the first artist to get the canvas going.

The plan we followed over the space of the next couple of months was that each of us would paint a couple of rows each, before posting on to the next artist, allocating each a time frame of 3 weeks each to do.

The canvas began its journey with Lily Rose Fox in Wiltshire in England before moving on to Amanda Carter in Coventry, then me in Wrexham, Wales, Mandie Harris in the Isle of Skye in Scotland and last but not least Geraldine Wheeler in Co. Galway in Ireland.

UK and Ireland Travelling Canvas Destinations

It ended its journey, back in Wiltshire where the first artist did a live prize draw to see who gets to keep the final piece.

I was absolutely made up to win, it turned out so beautiful. I just love it! You can see in the photograph above how stunning it looks framed. This is now hanging pride of place at the top of my stairs, above the bathroom door.

Thank you to all the artists listed below in participating order who took part in creating this beauty. You can follow us all on Instagram here...






I've included some photographs below of the different stages in order....

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