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T-Shirt Designs

Hello, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas/ Yuletide! With the few days off work I've had, I decided to get cracking on some new artwork, which is when I had the new idea of producing some T-shirt designs.

Well, here is the first one I've came up with. I must admit I have been watching alot of 'Game of Thrones' lately and my favourite character is 'Khaleesi' otherwise known as 'Daenerys Targaryen', called 'Daenerys Stormborn' and 'Mother of Dragons'. (If you haven't watched this TV series or read the books yet, you must, it is cracking!)

Anyway, I felt inspired to do a 'Queen of the Dragons' style of design and I hope to build up a few more T-shirt's from a variety of ideas and inspiration, eventually selling them to anyone who may want to buy them through either my Ebay or my future planned online web shop. Here is my first idea for the 'Queen of the Dragons' T-shirt:

Queen of Dragons T-Shirt Design by Neopog Art

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