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Personalised Ben 10 Digitally Illustrated Print

What a week I've had, It's been so hectic I've not had a chance to keep my new Blog updated!

The week started off positive on my last Blog post and then it was all down hill from there. Let's start with last Monday. I hit the shops in a hunt for an A2 picture frame for Ethan's Personalised Ben10 picture, a simple task or so I thought.

Absolutely nowhere, seemed to sell A2 Frames! A1, A3, A4. Yes! I possibly saw every size but A2. I tried Homebase, Argos, B&Q, Boots, TK Maxx, Wilkinson's, Home Bargains, B & M Bargains, Asda Living and countless others. Now I wasn't prepared to spend a fortune as was running on a tight budget, so I was pleased to find an A2 sized print in Dunelm Mill on sale for £14.99p. "Great!" I thought, "I'll get that, take the print out and use the frame. Sorted!" That was until I got home....

In an excited mood, I unwrapped the cellophane, to find that the sodding back was stapled on. "That's OK, I will pull the staples out and tape back up." Bloody hell, what a mission, it was as if they didn't want you to use the frame for anything other than the print it was bought with! I persisted to pull each one out with the first sharp object I found (a pair of wire cutters) then using my hand to assist in pulling the back off until SNAP!

Bollocks! The bloody glass broke. Well I tell you something of nothing, I wasn't prepared to go out and waste another £15! So botch job it was involving double sided sticky tape and some masking tape. Here's the result....

Finally, after hours of hardship, I have an A2 Picture Frame!
Finally, after hours of hardship, I have an A2 Picture Frame!

Now onto Wednesday, after one day back at work my car breaks. I have a 2002 Vauxhall Astra which I bought at the end of October for a good price. I have had some problems with the engine management light coming on. First of all it happened and a full service cleared it with a new spark plug. A month passes by light comes on, take it back to the garage, computer plugged in no fault code, so they clear it. That's all fine until a couple of weeks pass and it comes on again. I paid £30 to have the EGR cleaned, all fine until one week later it comes on again. Back to the garage, fault cleared on the computer once more, but they inform me if it happens again I may need a new EGR valve.

Well driving to work on Wednesday it comes on again! This time it is chugging due to engine misfire. I ring work to tell them my car trouble and that I'm going to take it straight to the garage and it's been in there ever since. They had to take the head off to find the problem and it turns out that it's a burnt valve. So that's bye bye to 500 smackeroonies, which is just not what you need straight after Christmas at the beginning of the year.

So basically, it's been a bit of a shitty week. But with the bad comes the good, so hopefully my bad luck is out the way to make way for all the good things that are going to come of this year.

I like to remain positive so here's to hoping :O)

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