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Nappy Cakes Tutorial For New Baby Gifts

A selection of nappy cakes I have made in the past.

I thought I'd share some Nappy Cakes that I have made for various family and friends for their new born bundles of joy. These are so simple to make and not too pricey. They make a lovely maternity gift and are great for baby showers.

It's entirely up to you on what you want to include in one. As you can see in the picture above, the large sized blue nappy tier cake included a fleecy blanket, bibs, dummies and a teddy bear, using approximately 50 nappies. As with the medium sized pink nappy cake, this one was quite complex to make and involved using cardboard circular templates and lots of ribbon to hold the separate layers of tiered nappies together.

The most simple and cheapest one to make was the small red nappy cake. Here's a brief overview of what you need, where to buy and how to make a nappy cake. You can get as colourful, creative or simple as you like. A lovely handmade gift!

You will need:

  1. Nappies. (I found Asda to be the cheapest - pack of 36 nappies for approximately £5).

  2. A Fleecey Blanket. (Costs £2.99p from any bargain shop).

  3. 2 Metres of Cellophane. (Costs about a quid from any flower shop or florist).

  4. A Teddy Bear. (Once again, any bargain shop is best I usually budget £3 for one).

  5. Ribbons. (Any sewing store will sell these at about 50p a metre).

How to make a Nappy Cake:

  1. Lay out the cellophane and place the fleecy blanket at the bottom.

  2. Simply stack the nappies up forming a pyramid shape, starting with layers of four, layers of two, then one.

  3. Place you chosen teddy at the top and wrap the cellophane up to the top.

  4. Secure in place with bits of sellotape, before neatly trimming the top to be straight.

  5. Now the fun part wrap around your chosen colour scheme of ribbon and tie into fanciful bows or knots.

  6. Voulé, your nappy cake is complete and cheap!

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