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Easter Family Fun Day Poster Design For Frack Free Wrexham

Back in March 2013, Wrexham Council rejected a planning application for a test drill, that was over-ruled by an outside government inspector. It wasn't until October last year that I learnt that this was happening down the road from where I live, so I attended a public awareness meeting to find out more.

The risks from fracking are truly outrageous and I find it insane that our government are trying to push this through despite the damage that has happened abroad. BUT with money to be made and shares in the industry, I don't suppose our Tory government care about the public or what we think!

I won't waffle on too much, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you'd like to learn more you can visit:

Back to my original point of this post, as being my blog I share artwork, designs, life and more.... But basically I wanted to share with you this poster that I volunteered to design for Frack Free Wrexham. It's for an Easter Family Fun Day that will be held on 5th April at the Borras Protection Camp.

I've volunteered to run an arts and crafts stall, so we'll be making Easter egg bags with the kiddies so they can put their treats in from the Easter Egg Hunt.

The idea behind the event is to try and encourage new people in the community to visit the camp, have a good fun day out, but also learn more. Surprisingly enough, despite massive coverage in the local press, there are still lots of people in the local area who aren't aware that this is happening in Wrexham.

This should be a fun day out for all the family with a BBQ, Tombola, Easter egg hunt and more!

Here's the poster I volunteered to design for the event...


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