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An Art Swap with Kingsroad Studios, Belfast

Bartering Art with fellow artists online Just For Fun!

Handmade painted bowl I created as part of the Art Swap

Back at the end of August, Laurence from Kings Road Studios, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland contacted me via my Instagram about taking part in an art swap. I was honoured to hear how much he loved my work. So, I made them this bowl, cast from plaster and hand painted in these beautiful choice of requested colours.

My Handmade Bowl In It's New Home and My Handpainted Mandala Bookmark By Laurence

In return, I got this stunning handcrafted dragon egg, sculpted, cast and hand-finished at Kings Road Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland by Chris Burrell. Chris works in the film industry, he worked as a prop maker on Game of Thrones for the last 3 seasons, but uses his own design for the dragon eggs which are available in 3 colours (red, blue or green).

Hand Painted Mandala Card and Dragon Egg By Kings Road Studios

And also my gorgeous bookmark and mandala card, a hand-painted original made by Laurence. (I will be buying myself a nice frame for that to go on my wall and certainly using the bookmark). Please check out their profile and website for sculptures, handmade jewellery, greeting cards and natural beauty products.

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